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Quizlet: An exciting way to learn

Quizlet is my hero. I have thrown away all my paper flash cards in exchange for this amazing studying tool. Whenever I have a test in any subject that requires memorization, I immediately turn to it. Honestly, I am not a firm believer in rote memorization as a form of education. But Quizlet is different and I always leave knowing my facts cold. The interface is clean and simple, the activities are engaging, and learning with Quizlet is, dare I say, fun!

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 12.45.55 PM

My favorite aspect of Quizlet is its versatility. Many falsely assume that flashcards are merely for english vocabulary words, but that is far from the truth. I use Quizlet for every class on my schedule. For an upcoming history test, I will make a set that asks me questions that require me to reply with facts and dates. For a chemistry exam, I will use pictures of bonds and ask myself to identify them. For a spanish quiz, I will use the Speller activity to say the spanish word aloud in the correct pronunciation before I spell it correctly. Quizlet ingrains everything and anything I want into my mind.

Entering in the words and definitions becomes my first form of studying, as it forces me to type out what I need to know. After data entry, I can pick between a wide variety of learning activities, from a fast-paced space-race or scatter game to a slower-paced (but no less engaging) test or Speller.

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