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iOS 7 – “The next gen” for Apple products.

As of September 18th, 2013, Apple Inc. has released their next version of iOS software for all of their mobile Apple devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad). The immensely popular brand has warranted a high demand for innovative, new and refreshing experiences every time their products are used which is multiple times every day. After analyzing Apple’s dilemma and reviewing their work in the recent iOS 7 update, let us see if this software will make or brake the populous’ demand for the esteemed iPhone.

New Look

The first experience one has upon updating is the new look. For every previous iOS version, the look has not changed and has bored myself and, I am confident to say, most consumers. This has been an obvious necessity and has revitalized the way people see their phones. A cool addition to the new look is also an optical effect regarding a three dimensional atmosphere between the background homepage and the app icons. But looks do not last long. After long, people will renew their boredom and search for something that will ease the dull, repetitious cycle of using the same features of their device daily.

iOS 7 New Look

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