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Converting from SD to HD

So, you just upgraded to a new HD (high definition) television but you want to use you old media equipment? Not a problem, this blog will breakdown what you need and/or should do in this situation. Tape players: VHS-cassettehttp://subliminal2012.deviantart.com/art/VHS-PNG-305668502   If you have an old tape player it most likely uses composite AV(audio and video) which is a combination of three plugs that are RED, WHITE(Left and right audio) and YELLOW(video) or S-video(one cord). Most HD televisions still have the standard composite and S-video setup but they are slowly dying out in the movement from SD(standard definition) to HD. If your TV does not have either then you will need to either get rid of your tape player and search for one that fits your TV, or there is one alternative. A similar AV setup to Composite is Component, it consists of five different plugs (two for audio and three for video). Continue reading

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