The Ashland High School Student Technology Assist Team (S.T.A.T.) was created in 2013 with the help of grants from the Ashland Education Foundation and the BAA grant process managed by the town selectmen. We are proud to provide a helpdesk service to our  high school community while also writing for the ashlandtech.org blog,  and pursuing studies in computer science.

Students participating in the S.T.A.T. program have chosen to participate in a challenging computer science environment in which they pursue an independent study in a programming field of their choice. Over the course of a semester students are asked to select a programming topic, language and goals. Students enter the course with a wide variety of prior experience ranging from limited to near professional in some disciplines. This range of abilities leads to excellent opportunities in mentoring, paired programming,  teamwork and an overall quality experience for all involved.

Topics of study have included everything from iOS development with Swift to Python and Raspberry Pi to web development and beyond. Each year, students prepare and give a presentation on their project of choice to a community audience that includes members from beyond the school. This experience paves the way for students to build confidence, not only in learning and doing, but also in sharing and expressing.

If you have questions about the program, please contact Chad McGowan, cmcgowan@ashland.k12.ma.us or on Twitter @ahstechteacher.

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