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Video Editing on iPads using iMovie

iMovie is a free, easy to use video editing app available across all Apple products. With more technology geared towards education, and many schools adding classroom iPad carts, iMovie is a great way to create fun, engaging school projects on these iPads while also learning beginner video editing skills. I will be going through the ropes of the many features of iMovie.

Beginning a project.

  • After opening the app, hit the create new project box in the center of the screen.
  • From there, you can select whether you want to create a movie or trailer.
  • Finally, you can scroll through the different themes at the bottom, and hit create at the top right corner once you have found your theme.

Creating a movie.

  • iMovie directly connects the music, videos, and photos already on the device directly into the app, allowing for easy access to your library. To add any of these, simply click on either the video, photos, or audio tab on the right, scroll through your library, and click on the desired item to add it to the video.
  • Each audio, video, or audio you add to the movie will be added to a track at the bottom. Each item can be selected by clicking on them, and you can increase or decrease the length of each item by pulling the yellow lines on either side of the clip. Also when these clips are selected, options appear beneath the clip to add modifications like titles, color filters, and deleting the clip. These clips can be moved around by simply holding down on them and then dragging them to another location.
  • Images and audio can also be recorded right from inside the app using the microphone or camera buttons on the left.
  • Another simple addition to the movie is by adding transitions between each clip, which is done by clicking on the small bracket between clips, and then selecting a transition.
  • Also note that the video can be previewed at any time by clicking the triangle play button under the preview screen.
  • If you forget any of these options, iMovie has provides helpful descriptions of each option by just clicking the “?” at the top right corner. Next to this help button is a gear, where you can change general video settings like the theme.

Finishing up.

  • Once the movie is finished, or if you are at a stopping point, just hit the done button at the top right corner of the screen. Here you can change the title by clicking on the title and editing it.
  • At the bottom, there are three options. The play button is to simply preview what your video looks like fullscreen. The middle button with and arrow coming out of a box allows you to share this video over multiple programs, including email and youtube. The final trashcan button is to delete the video.
  • To exit the saving screen, hit the “X” at the top left corner, and you will be brought back to the homepage, where you can either select and edit a previously made movie, or make another one.
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Computers in the Classroom

Today, technology is being used for a huge variety of functions in the classroom. From all grades to all subjects, computers have impacted the ways students learn and interact with assignments.

Schools are starting to integrate not just computers, but other devices such as tablets, smart boards, and smartphones. All of these devices bring their own contribution to the school environment. Computers themselves have revolutionized the way students tackle research projects, essays, and presentations. With only a few words, students can find millions of resources on any topic in the world through Google. This makes research a thousand times quicker and easier than finding and reading through books. The same efficiency is also true for writing papers and presentations. These programs make assignments neater than hand written papers, and do not require bulky, expensive poster boards. Newer devices only enhance these experiences. Tables and smartphones allow for students to research at their own desks and use educational apps for learning. Smart boards and projectors enable teachers and students alike to easily give presentations to the class all from one device. There are many programs that schools use to help teach and organize their school. Ashland High School for example has a program called iPass, where teachers can post progress reports and grades. This is helpful for both the student, so they make sure they are on track for their goals. And also it’s helpful for parents, so they can always see their children’s grades to make sure they are doing well in school.

However, just because of all the efficient technology, there are still many problems with the system. The most obvious and addressed problem is cheating that can come from the internet. With endless websites and the ability to copy and paste someone else’s work with just a few clicks, plagiarism is increasing in frequency. Technology also always has the potential to break or stop working, which can cause panic and stress at home when assignments need to be done, or a loss of work time in school. Programs like iPass can also add stress to students when they are constantly checking their grades, causing them to worry over every bad grade or unposted assignment.

In my opinion, I feel that overall computers and technology have revolutionized schools for the better. I believe that it is important for children to be introduced to computers in a school environment at a young age and throughout college because technology is the future. Despite this, I still do feel like the integration of technology still is not perfect. Many teachers are not educated in simple computer functions, and thus make the efficiency of computers counterproductive. Computers also are making many students more lazy, as they are developing sloppy handwriting, poor spelling, and the neglection of reading books. To make the problem even more annoying, teachers sometimes try to make researching “harder” by making students to use book sources and ignoring wikipedia purely because they feel that researching sources online is too easy. In contrast, education institutes are trying to use technology too much by for example, making tests online. While this seems like a good idea on paper, they do not realize how many students can not concentrate well on computer screens, myself included, and how much students prefer simple paper tests without a hundred fancy tools and question types. In conclusion, I think once a balance of technology and paper has been reached, computers will truly stand out to be essential for making learning and working easier than ever.

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Google Cloud Print


Google cloud print is a software that can be downloaded onto to a printer so any device can connect to it over the internet. This means that, if the printer has Google Cloud Print installed, any Iphone/ Andriod phone, tablet, or computer can connect to it easily and reliably. Cloud Print supports 14 different printer brands, and covers a majority of each individual version of each printer brand. Since the printer connects over the internet, it can be printed to from anywhere.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.24.35 PM       For Ashland High School, this Google Cloud Print software could be very useful. First of all, this software supports HP Laserjet printers, which is the majority of the printers located in the school. Since this software can be printed from any device, its works perfectly for all the iPad carts the school owns. Students can now do work and activities on the iPads and print their results right from the iPad. Also, this Google application can print any photo, document, or pdf. file. Finally, Google Cloud Print has the ability to share the printer with countless devices, allowing for large classrooms to easily connect and print to their printer at the same time.Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.31.59 PM

Google Cloud Print is an easy to use software that can print anything, from anywhere, on any device. It is more reliable and simple with internet connect than connecting normally through local networks. Isn’t this every STAT member’s dream, no more endless printer problems?

For more information on Google Cloud Print visit:

How to set up Google Cloud Print, Its really easy!          Just connect your printer to the wifi, download Google Cloud Print on your computer and connect to it. Share it with your Gmail so you can connect to it from any device.

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