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Document Camera’s In the Classroom

The Document Camera

Technology has found a way to revolutionize teaching. Now with new technology and software like google classroom, teaching and learning has been made easier for both kids and teachers. Just like google classroom has made teaching easier of teachers, Document Cameras have also found ways to enter the classroom and make teaching easier. Documents Cameras which are also known as visual presenters are real time image capture devices used for displaying an image, magnify and project images or documents for a large audience.

In education, document cameras actively engage students in the learning process. This gives teachers to opportunity to explain information whiles displaying it for students to gain a better understanding.  Document cameras also help decrease the copying process. Instead of a teachers printing copies for a class of 30, with a document camera you can place one copy under the camera, display it using your projector and have kids copy what is being displayed. Science teachers can use a document camera for dissections, you can give them a walk through using the document camera, this does not only give kids a hands on opportunity but also the chance to make sure they are doing it right whiles following the teachers steps. Some companies sell attachments that you can connect to a microscope, you analyze and look at microscopic items in class. Also using the time laps photography on a document camera science teachers can show the step by step process of things, for example a growing plant, or bacteria spreading or maybe a chick hatching. This can give kids a better understanding on that particular topic. A document camera helps teachers take pictures of a students work, which can be used in later classes, or can uploaded into the classroom website for students or parents to access. Documents cameras can also record videos, so as a math teacher, you can record how you solve a problem and upload it for students to access and learn how to solve that particular problem. English teachers can explain literature books by displaying the page of the book using the document camera and explaining it to the class for a better understanding.

In conclusion, document cameras have made teaching and learning much easier, giving teachers a wide range of options to teach new topics without the stress obtained from teaching a big class.



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The Influence of Computers in Education

Computers have become a very important part of our everyday lives, we can find them in our pockets, our bags and even in our kitchen. But the most important place computers have really helped is in the classroom.

Computers allow students to perform good research and also communicate with different education providers. This help students understand the topic better by experiencing different forms of teaching. Computers also help teachers in tutoring  students. Teachers can also communicate with students using the computer. Teachers can form a group chat and interact with the students, also teachers can post homework online, and all students have to do is just go online, answer those question and hit submit. This also saves paper, making us save more trees. When students get projects, computers help students perform extensive research which gives them a wide range of answers to solving that problem.

Computers also help teachers recording grades, calculate average and keep track of students to see if they are present or absent. Teachers also use computers to create presentations for the class and also find videos that can make that particular topic easier to understand. Computers also help the little children. Parents can download math, science, reading and grammar softwares on the computer and this helps your child develop basic educational skills for school, also the kid at move at his or her own pace without feeling rushed.

To every advantage there is a disadvantage but looks like the advantages of computers outweigh the disadvantages of having computers in the class room. People feel computers are distract students from studying, they feel instead of researching with your system, you are rather playing games or chatting with a friend or watching a video. But these problems can be solved by setting restrictions on that system, like blocking internet access to some websites and grant access to only educational websites. People who also grew up in a pre-computer age feel computers are killing the feeling of the classroom and making things too easy for the kids, but that’s the point of computers or technology in general, to make research, education and our daily lives better.

In conclusion, I belive computers revolutionize the way we study, they make education easier and faster. We can easily find information with just a touch of a button. And also be released to different sources which show us different ways to understand a particular topic, equation or idea. I believe computers have helped the education world in general.



Technology in the classroom

Making learning easier

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Google Books


Google Books which used to be known as Google Print is product by Google  which helps users find books and magazines which have been scanned by Google and put on their database. This feature provided by Google can help users and especially students to easily  search for particular books they’re searching for, for class or just reading for fun. Finding books have never been this easy.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.02.15 PMThis feature can be used by a everyday high school or college. Teacher’s can assign books and you can go to Google books and read that particular book from there. Annotating and highlighting has never been easier, as you read and you want to highlight key points in the book you can easily do that in Google books.  Teacher’s and students don’t now have to worry about making sure their book is in their bag, you can just have it on your phone, tablet or computer. Let’s say you forget your book at school, at home you can just search for that book and read it. Google book gives you a feature of having a library, so if you want to go back and read a book or just save it for that final test, you can just go back to your library find that book and read it.

unnamedGoogle book are not only for story books, they also store text books. So if you are a history student you can find the textbook you are looking for on Google books.  As you read this you might be thinking about copyright laws. Google don’t scan books without the permission of the author or publishing company and also google insures no one just copies that book and sells it. Schools can use this feature instead of wasting money buying books which can get damaged and later to replace it with more money been wated, but with google books it’s all in a safe database.

Google_books_screenshotIn conclusion schools should use this feature since we are in a world which is revolving around technology and also it saves the school money, makes teaching easier and reading books whiles note taking also easy.


How stuff works

Google Books



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