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A post about Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free and easy to use search engine provided by Google that allows the use to search the web much like a normal Google search. The difference is that Google scholar only goes througe academic papers such as research papers. The product also helps search by date and has other features to help students when working.Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 7.45.35 AM

Google Scholar allows a student to not only search througe academic paper and the like, but it also gives a citation with each link making it easier for students to use more resources  if they have trouble with citation.  This would no doubt also help teachers as it would make bibliographies be cleaner and nicer. Google scholar also gives links to download a PDF of a page right next to the pages link.  This could be helpful to teachers as it would make it easy to find and print documents the class could be assigned to read. Search results can be sorted by date or by relevance to you search.  One can also use Google Scholar to search througe case law , which would be helpful to any modern american history course or any class involving laws.

A Google Scholar search for cows
A Google Scholar search for cows

Over all Google Scholar could be implemented into a variety of classes and provide a good benefit to all of them. For English courses, this could be used in essays and papers to help find good resources and create a bibliography easily. Science courses could use Google Scholar to help with research papers like English. History courses could also benefit using Google Scholar in paper and studying for the class, especially if its a class involving a lot of law. Overall, Google Scholar could be a useful tool for many classrooms if implemented.


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