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Google Classroom vs Apple Classroom

The use of Google products and Apple products has grown significantly in the educational environment both in school and out of school. Whether it’s iPads or the Google Drive app, these devices have become common for learning due to the connections and education that they bring between the teachers and students. Although both companies have lots to offer, deciding which one to work with is mainly based on preference and choosing the one that will be most beneficial for you.

Both technological companies have created multiple apps and resources to better educate students and a familiar app that has been around for a while is Google Classroom which focuses on making it easier for teachers to assign work and help students stay organized in terms of submitting assignments as well as getting updates of new work. But recently Apple created their own app, also called Classroom, to assist teachers and students in their academics.

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A student’s point of view of an assignment


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The Google Classroom App








After a student completes the assignment, they can directly turn it in their work, such as a Google Doc, link or file and mark is as done. In a Classroom’s homepage, students are also offered a whole list of assignments  (done and not done) that are sorted by date to help them stay organized of what needs to be finished. And even students have more than one class that uses Google Classroom, the application helps them see all the work that needs to be done all at once. There is also a comment section under each assignment where students can ask questions they may have for the teacher.

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A student’s point of view of a classroom homepage

What teachers may enjoy about Google Classroom is the organized and easy system of assigning work and turning in work and also the fact that it is 100% paperless,  so they don’t have to worry about having large piles of work cluttering their desks. Teachers who are most likely to get the most out of Google Classroom are those teaching English or even Science since students can easily attach essays and research papers from Google Drive.

But while some may find Google Classroom to be more beneficial, others could prefer Classroom which is offered by Apple. The use of iPads in school have become more common throughout the world. So it seems logical that these iPads should include an app that can help “teachers focus on teaching so students can focus on learning,” which is the main goal of Classroom. Unlike Google Classroom, the Classroom app is focused on making a lesson more interacting between the teacher and student. First students are offered a Shared iPad they will use throughout the class when working on an assignment. And as they work, teachers are able to use an iPad to view what app each students are using at that moment as well the ones that were most recently used by that student. There is even a Screen View option where teachers can see the same screen that is opened on a students iPad (the student will be notified if their teacher is viewing their screen). This app can be very helpful for teachers to make sure that students aren’t getting sidetracked.

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Chrome App: Chalkup

Chalkup is a learning platform that makes it easier for teachers to connect with their students. The app offers an an abundant amount of shortcuts for grading and assigning work as well as easy access to communication outside of school.

One of the features of Chalkup is the ability for students to turn in their assignments through the app. The most popular app used for writing essays and reports is Google Drive. Chalkup makes it easy for teachers and students to to share their assignments from Google Drive to Chalkup. No need to download or copy and paste anything. And because every student and teacher at Ashland High School is given a Google Account, they can use that account to sign into Chalkup.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 9.06.07 AMAfter a student submits an assignment, the teacher can then grade it right there and then of the same website. All they have to do is click on the submitted work and in an instant they are able to highlight, comment, edit and offer feedback of their student’s work.

Not only does this app let teachers view their student’s work, but they can also create a personalized rubric for any assignment. So when they’re done reading their class’s work, they have a rubric right there to grade it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 9.06.13 AM

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 8.55.12 AM

Chalkup also offers other features that help keep students up to date and organized with their school work. For those who prefer visual aids for studying. this app lets students create as many flashcards as they want and organize them by topic. One of the most useful tools for students is the LookAhead feature. With this, students can add a new assignment to the checklist, give the due date and give themselves an estimate of how long they believe each assignment will take. This makes it easier for students to organize the their school work and manage their time.Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 9.39.02 AM

There is also a feature almost like a group chat where students and teachers can share links to helpful websites and videos for studying or learning.





Overall the app Chalkup is rewarding for both students and teachers.

Chalkup and Google Drive:

Grading and Creating Rubrics: 

Collaboration and Communication:  

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Computer Use in the Classroom

At the Ashland High School, Google has made a huge impact on school connectivity. For instance, every teacher and student is given a School Gmail account. This string of accounts makes it easier for teachers to update students on assignments, let students communicate with each other, and allow them to easily share their projects on Google Drive to get their peers’s opinion and feedback. When students don’t understand what they are learning about in school, computers provide for them articles, links and videos that help with learning about the topic. Many teachers also use applications such as Google Calendar and Google Classroom to keep themselves, as well as the students, organized.

Although computers may offer an endless amount of information and tools, it is important for students to remember that computers aren’t the only source of help to pass a class. For English, dictionaries provide hundreds of words that can help create a thorough and professional essay. For Math, Science, and History, students can never go wrong with reading the textbook to understand the concept. Even for Foreign Languages, English to French and English to Spanish dictionaries can help a person find the words needed to say and write sentences in that language. But most importantly, teachers offer the best advice and information to understand how to pass their class.

There are also some consequences to always having to rely on a computer for help. For instance, about  15% of papers are plagiarized. By knowing that others on the internet have answered an assignment question, students will often look towards their answer instead creating their own original and creative idea of how to approach an answer. Research has also shown that online learning for toddlers and infants isn’t as effective as the traditional way of learning with human interaction. If children depend on computers at such a young age for learning, they won’t understand that human interaction can offer lots of help as well. Overall, it is important for people to understand the difference between using computers for help and the constant need to depend on computers for everything because being to reliable on computers can negatively affect how capable they are on using their own intelligence to complete tasks.

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“Stand on the Shoulders of Giants”

Writing essays and reports has become part of a student’s daily life. Whether it’s for a book report, a science research paper, or even an article for a newspaper, students are constantly writing literature for school. But in order to complete these assignments, students constantly have to search for sources of information to understand and support the topic. And it doesn’t help that they have to search through thousands of websites and books to find the right facts needed.

Hours of searching for information can become a hassle, unless a student uses Google Scholar. Google Scholar is an online search engine specifically created to help make searching for scholarly literature and academic resources much easier and faster. The saying “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” has been around for generations. But unlike the ordinary Google app, Google Scholar filters in only articles, books and documents that would also be found in a local library’s catalog and database. So there is no need to worry about finding false information. The product also makes life easier by automatically providing a citation for every link provided for each search. Now there is no need for a student to make their own MLA or APA citation for every source of information used.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.23.42 PM


Just like Google Search, there are an infinite amount of keywords to type into Google Scholar to find the best results. Just by typing in an author’s name, Google Scholar has offered hundreds of results that include books, citations, and PDF files that include the words ‘Mary Shelley.’If a student ever wants to save a link that they plan on using for future research, they are able to add it in the ‘My Library’ and go back to that article whenever they want. And in case a student wants to find the latest additions to a certain topic, they can choose or customize any time range that they wish.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.26.10 AM Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.27.27 AM


Whether a student wants to learn about a scientific breakthrough, or just needs to create a bibliography, Google Scholar is the most reliable and organized product to help students with their school writing assignments. But Google Scholar can also be beneficial for Publishers, Journalists, and Authors who wish to keep track of the use and popularity of their own articles. Overall, it’s no doubt that anyone can benefit from the use of Google Scholar.

Learn more about it at and see why their slogan is Newton’s quote, “Stand on the shoulders of giants”.

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