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Storing Lists of Places in Google Earth

History classes refer to historical locations. Google Earth has imagery of historical locations. Why not use Google Earth in the classroom? Geography is often important for understanding the reasons for various historical events, such as how land was divided or why wars ended the way they did. By providing an interactive view of landmarks, Google Earth can be used to help teach everything from the importance of geography, to the engineering marels of bridges and parks.

In this post, I will explain how an educator can build a list of places in Google Earth and share it with others. I am assuming the reader already has Google Earth installed and has basic knowledge on how to use it. Please note that I am using Windows 7. The Mac and Linux versions should be similar, but may have slight differences. iOS and Android versions have vastly different interfaces and are not covered here.

The task of creating and sharing a list of places may seem daunting at first, but becomes much easier when broken down. This post will describe the process in five easy steps: Continue reading

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