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Technology in the Classroom – 3D Printing

3D Printers

Ashland High School has bought two 3D printers the Cube and the Makerbot 2. Though both the engineering class and the graphic design class use the printers, their potential in other classrooms are also great.


One Class 3D printing can be used in is the Robotics Classroom. Robotics involves many pieces involving Lego pieces and non Lego pieces. One of the first lessons of Robotics is how to circumvent this compatibility issue by

Made with the Cube 3D Printer
Made with the Cube 3D Printer

creating mounts. If you look at the picture it is a Lego piece at the top and a piece sticking out which attaches with the non Lego piece. This allows pieces to be easily attached without having to spend excess parts trying to circumvent.


Engineering to the Future

This class has the Cube to use but because of the Cube’s new entry the class has not used the Cube to it’s full potential. The Cube allows the school to request parts to be made so rather than replacing the whole item only a certain part is replaced. In addition the Cube allows new innovations to be made and allows AHS to showcase well made projects with the resources available.

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Open Study

Open Study is an educational site which allows students around the world to help each other in studying on various topics from Biology to English.

How to Start:

Setup is very simple and an email address is the only necessary tool. Once you create a username and password and insert an email address you are taken to a page where you can select a subject such as the picture below. Overall there are more than 20 subjects in which to ask a question. Once you have clicked a subject you are brought to a page where questions can be asked or answered and the person who gets the highest answer vote receives special points.