Ipad and Iphone Tips and Tricks

The ipad and iphone is a great tool that allows students to maximize the learning resources they have access to. Students can surf the web and create anything from an essay to a movie on and ipad or iphone. Of course in order to use these you have to know how to use them. Below are some tips that make using an ipad or iphone as easy as possible.


  • When switching between apps double tap the home button and swipe from left to right to see what apps are open. To go to one of these click on the app. If you would like to close one of these swipe up on the app.
  • In order to restrict apps go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions > enter a passcode to allow what apps can and cannot be used with out the passcode. When done make sure to return restrictions to off so the ipad can be used freely again.


  • Hit the space bar twice to type a period and a space.
  • Double tab the shift key to enable caps lock.
  • Hold down keys to see special characters/ letters.
  • In order to add international keyboards go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. In order to use the keyboard in the selected language look for the globe in the bottom left of the keyboard on the screen and tap on it to cycle through the different languages.
  • Hold the .com key down to get other options like .us, .org, .edu and .net
  • Find a word or phrase in safari by going to the search bar when on the page and typing the word or phrase and taping the word or phrase under “On This Page”.
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