Document Camera’s In the Classroom

The Document Camera

Technology has found a way to revolutionize teaching. Now with new technology and software like google classroom, teaching and learning has been made easier for both kids and teachers. Just like google classroom has made teaching easier of teachers, Document Cameras have also found ways to enter the classroom and make teaching easier. Documents Cameras which are also known as visual presenters are real time image capture devices used for displaying an image, magnify and project images or documents for a large audience.

In education, document cameras actively engage students in the learning process. This gives teachers to opportunity to explain information whiles displaying it for students to gain a better understanding.  Document cameras also help decrease the copying process. Instead of a teachers printing copies for a class of 30, with a document camera you can place one copy under the camera, display it using your projector and have kids copy what is being displayed. Science teachers can use a document camera for dissections, you can give them a walk through using the document camera, this does not only give kids a hands on opportunity but also the chance to make sure they are doing it right whiles following the teachers steps. Some companies sell attachments that you can connect to a microscope, you analyze and look at microscopic items in class. Also using the time laps photography on a document camera science teachers can show the step by step process of things, for example a growing plant, or bacteria spreading or maybe a chick hatching. This can give kids a better understanding on that particular topic. A document camera helps teachers take pictures of a students work, which can be used in later classes, or can uploaded into the classroom website for students or parents to access. Documents cameras can also record videos, so as a math teacher, you can record how you solve a problem and upload it for students to access and learn how to solve that particular problem. English teachers can explain literature books by displaying the page of the book using the document camera and explaining it to the class for a better understanding.

In conclusion, document cameras have made teaching and learning much easier, giving teachers a wide range of options to teach new topics without the stress obtained from teaching a big class.



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