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The Google Chrome Web Store is full of many tools to help teachers teach their subjects and students understand their classes. One of the many tools on the chrome web store that can vastly enhance the student and teachers experience in the classroom is HUMAN 3.0. HUMAN 3.0 allows teachers and students alike to view the human body under different situations. The tool can also let the user search for and see certain parts of the human body under different situations. This tool allows students to view the human body doing things in a way that would be impossible with out the use of chrome. Another tool offered on chrome for free is GeoGebra. GeoGebra allows the user to graph in and explore other geometry ideas in a 2d or 3d plane. GeoGebra now lets a teacher graph clearly and in way that can help the student understand.

For more information on GeoGebra  Follow the link below

For more information on HUMAN 3.0 follow the link below

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