Impact of Computer use in the Classroom

In my opinion the use of computers in classroom is a good idea for middle schoolers through college students. I believe computer use should be limited for students that have not yet reached middle school so they are still able to learn without always relying on computers. That way the younger students can still develop their imagination and thoughts on their own without being attached to a screen all day. On the other side having younger students use computers does allow their brain more information they can learn and research about if they are interested in it.

           There are many pros to allowing younger students time to be on computers, tablets, or laptops.  It helps many younger kids to explore ideas of new things that interest them.  The ideas the look up on the Internet may lead them to real world discoveries. In giving tablets to the students in kindergarten that allows them to develop better motor skills and help they develop better hand-eye coordination.  Another pro to giving younger students computers is that those who struggle to socialize face-to-face would be able to experience and figure out how to socialize in the real world.

On the other side there are quite a few cons to giving young students computers, tablets, or laptops. Excessive use of computers can increase hyperactivity- attention difficulty- and can make it difficult to concentrate in school. Although it may lead to interesting new discoveries, it also may make the real world boring and no fun all because children would get attached to their devices.  Those students who struggle in initiating face-to-face skills would be help by talking to others online but it could make it even worse, by making that student dependent on device to talk to others. It could harm their chances of making it easier because they would have only been using a device to talk.

Overall, there are many pros and cons to giving younger students computers, laptops, or tablets.  I believe that there is such a thing as “how young is to young”. I think that tablets should be in limited use in the elementary schools but not give the kindergarten or preschoolers any tablets. The need to be able to grow and explore the world on their own, without the help or use of a tablet. The limitation in the elementary schools is so the children still explore the world without the device stuck to their side, or them stuck inside. Children need to learn common sense and figure it out by themselves without electronic devices.







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