Computers and Classes

Computers have had a positive effect on students in my opinion. I now many students with poor hand writing are now able to clearly type what they want. It can also be used as a resource to help people learn at there own rate. There are cons to computer use along with the positives. Computers cost a lot and can be underused which is why it might be better if computers where in computer labs as apposed to every student having one on them at all times. When deciding if the effects of computers are positive or negative we have to look at every aspect not just the ones I briefly went over.

There are a lot of pros and cons of computer use in the classroom. Computers are extremely helpful for communicating between students. This can be good for working on a project but not good when it is in the middle of class. Students also can get distracted online but online they can find resources that they would not have found other wise. If students are focused on the task and are willing to stay away from distracting sites then I do think that computers are a valuable asset to education. With a computer students are able to move faster in a course and learn and explore more of the subject which might make them want to pursue it later in college. Students are able to start on working with programs like chrome that are used after school in various settings.

Overall I think that the pros out way the  cons when it comes to computers in the classroom. Students are able to work on projects with others when ever they need (not just at school). They are able to move faster in the subject on their own which helps them to decide on a possible future career. Students are able to access things they never where able to before. Teachers are able to find resources that explain what they have been having trouble with. In short, computers and other technologies, that are controlled, help teachers and students more then they hurt them.

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