“Stand on the Shoulders of Giants”

Writing essays and reports has become part of a student’s daily life. Whether it’s for a book report, a science research paper, or even an article for a newspaper, students are constantly writing literature for school. But in order to complete these assignments, students constantly have to search for sources of information to understand and support the topic. And it doesn’t help that they have to search through thousands of websites and books to find the right facts needed.

Hours of searching for information can become a hassle, unless a student uses Google Scholar. Google Scholar is an online search engine specifically created to help make searching for scholarly literature and academic resources much easier and faster. The saying “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” has been around for generations. But unlike the ordinary Google app, Google Scholar filters in only articles, books and documents that would also be found in a local library’s catalog and database. So there is no need to worry about finding false information. The product also makes life easier by automatically providing a citation for every link provided for each search. Now there is no need for a student to make their own MLA or APA citation for every source of information used.

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Just like Google Search, there are an infinite amount of keywords to type into Google Scholar to find the best results. Just by typing in an author’s name, Google Scholar has offered hundreds of results that include books, citations, and PDF files that include the words ‘Mary Shelley.’If a student ever wants to save a link that they plan on using for future research, they are able to add it in the ‘My Library’ and go back to that article whenever they want. And in case a student wants to find the latest additions to a certain topic, they can choose or customize any time range that they wish.

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Whether a student wants to learn about a scientific breakthrough, or just needs to create a bibliography, Google Scholar is the most reliable and organized product to help students with their school writing assignments. But Google Scholar can also be beneficial for Publishers, Journalists, and Authors who wish to keep track of the use and popularity of their own articles. Overall, it’s no doubt that anyone can benefit from the use of Google Scholar.

Learn more about it at https://scholar.google.com/intl/en/scholar/about.html and see why their slogan is Newton’s quote, “Stand on the shoulders of giants”.

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