Account Delegation in Google Mail

Many student groups have their own email account which may be shared among officers. Unfortunately, this has problems the way it is done today. By sharing a username and password, account security is compromised, since the password needs to be easy enough for everybody to remember (and retired members would still have access). Also, multiple users accessing the same account may lead to a lockdown of the account. Account delegation solves these problems.

In simple terms, account delegation lets users securely access a different email account from their own. After logging in with their own credentials, there is an option in the account switcher to access the delegated account. This happens automatically, so there is no need to remember and enter a second password. Once accessing the delegated account, it works just like you logged into it directly, so you can send and receive mail from the group account easily.

For more information about account delegation in Gmail (including step-by-step instructions), please visit Google’s help page on the topic:

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