Using Panoramio for School

Google has designed a great product called Panoramio that works in conjunction with Google Earth. Google Earth is used to see maps of anywhere in world and with Panoramio you can get photos of any place on Earth.


This product would be great for schools because you don’t need to take field trips across the world to see a monument. Panoramia can be implemented into a history class by using it to get pictures of battle grounds or other historical places around the world easily. Panoramia could also be used in a science class on ecology. You can use it to see a specific rain forest or desert and then take notes on the features of each. You get a real photo, in great detail, of anywhere you want. No more tiny textbook photos.


Using Panoramio is easy and quick, so even the most technology-handicapped teacher can use it. Simply go to the Panoramio website and type in the location you want to see in the text box at the top of the page. You get a map on the right showing the location and where eat picture was taken, and a list of each picture on the left. You can view the pictures in the categories Popular, Recent, Places, and Indoors.


Overall this product is a simple tool that can help teachers explore the world with their students through pictures.

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