Keeping up with Google Keep (and your work)

There was a time when people could not use their computer for everything. A time when someone’s room or office may have been covered in sticky notes just to keep track of everything they had to do. But that time is over. Products like google drive have pushed aside tangible objects to be replaced by online storage. In this day and age people use online documents or calendars to keep track of information or schedules. However, this leaves room for error. What if you forget to check your schedule one day and miss a meeting? How are you going to make a to-do list when you can’t customize enough to make one? The internet now has a way to do all this and more!

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 12.37.04 PM


With Google Keep, you can make virtual sticky notes. All the functionality of having your wall covered with sticky notes plus some, and absolutely none of the mess. There are plenty of things Google Keep can do that you can’t do with sticky notes, but first let’s address what both can do; Color code, To Do lists, Schedules, Reminders, etc. Now for what Google Keep can do that sticky notes can’t; Set reminders on certain notes, rearrange lists, easily re-sort notes, search through notes for words or colors (if you color code), be accessed from any location with internet, and more! And, when you are done with a note, you can archive it so it won’t clutter your note page, but you will still be able to find it again if you need to. To do lists also automatically moved checked off items to the bottom of the list.  A page of stickies may look like this:Screen cap1


Checked off to-do list:



As you can see, Google Keep has a lot of utility. It can give you reminders for classes, store notes on what you need to go over in any given class period in the form of to-do lists to be checked off. It is easy to navigate and  even if you can’t find something, you can do a search for it. If you ever find you can’t find something, there is an easy to use menu on the left side that can be accessed by clicking the three bars on the top left:screencap2

Overall, Google Keep is a great way to stay organized, and keep your organization method neat, so your room doesn’t need to look like this:

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