Google Groups: Classroom Applications

While students regularly use features of Google such as Drive, Slides, and Gmail to do schoolwork and allow them to access their work from home and school, Google offers many other useful apps that have academic applications. Furthermore, the school and district use Google Calendars on their website for students to reference when Orientation Day or Picture Day is, for example. Teachers also use Google sites to make their websites to post homework, upcoming assignments, and helpful links.

However, teachers and students, especially in Ashland Public Schools, do not use Google Groups at all. Google Groups allows users have discussions on forums through presentations and photos, among other forms of media. For example, many other high school clubs and even classes have their own, private discussions which people need permission to access. A teacher could post a discussion question and students could post responses for engaging, easy to grade homework. Even the summer before classes start, a teacher could add all the students in one class to a certain discussion and begin assessing their abilities through periodical discussions. In addition, students could do homework on the go, as Google groups is accessible through mobile devices. Foreign language teachers could also use this feature, because the language of the discussion is easily changed.

In conclusion, Google Groups has countless applications to the classroom in enriching students’ understanding and keeping them engaged in classroom subjects. Teachers are also afforded a better glimpse into the students’ progress and understanding. Students could have a wider variety of homework and extra credit opportunities through discussions, pictures, and videos.

General applications of Groups

General applications of Groups

Examples of academic applications in various classes and clubs
Examples of academic applications in various classes and clubs

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Youtube video “How to Use Google Groups In The Classroom”
For more information: 
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