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Google cloud print is a software that can be downloaded onto to a printer so any device can connect to it over the internet. This means that, if the printer has Google Cloud Print installed, any Iphone/ Andriod phone, tablet, or computer can connect to it easily and reliably. Cloud Print supports 14 different printer brands, and covers a majority of each individual version of each printer brand. Since the printer connects over the internet, it can be printed to from anywhere.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.24.35 PM       For Ashland High School, this Google Cloud Print software could be very useful. First of all, this software supports HP Laserjet printers, which is the majority of the printers located in the school. Since this software can be printed from any device, its works perfectly for all the iPad carts the school owns. Students can now do work and activities on the iPads and print their results right from the iPad. Also, this Google application can print any photo, document, or pdf. file. Finally, Google Cloud Print has the ability to share the printer with countless devices, allowing for large classrooms to easily connect and print to their printer at the same time.Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 5.31.59 PM

Google Cloud Print is an easy to use software that can print anything, from anywhere, on any device. It is more reliable and simple with internet connect than connecting normally through local networks. Isn’t this every STAT member’s dream, no more endless printer problems?

For more information on Google Cloud Print visit:

How to set up Google Cloud Print, Its really easy!          Just connect your printer to the wifi, download Google Cloud Print on your computer and connect to it. Share it with your Gmail so you can connect to it from any device.

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