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Vernier equipment for science labs

Vernier logo

I believe that Vernier equipment are great for Lab work. Vernier software are compatible with Windows and Apple computers and make Labs more engaging. Vernier contains software for the following subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering. One of Vernier’s features is Logger Pro. Logger Pro contains many folders that correspond to different Lab topics. For example, you could collected data of Acid-Base Titrations by going to the Acid-Base folder under Advanced Chemistry and measure distance, velocity, and acceleration by going to the Kinematics folder under Physics. Vernier in addition have sensor and probes that connect to the computers, can measure data accurately, and are easier to use. It contains motion sensors for sensing distance, thermometers, weight measurers, colorimeters for measuring concentrations of solutions, pH meters, and more. The measurements can easily be read on a opened Vernier folder on the computer. Vernier also allows for plotting graphs, such as distance vs. time, and printing them. In addition, it has another feature called LabQuest 2. It is a hand held device that can easily record data and plot graphs. It contains sensors that can measure temperature, sound, acceleration, and more. You could also save the collected data on the device and even on a USB. Using Vernier equipment in labs would make labs more engaging and make procedures easier.

Logger Pro: Acid-Base Titration

Acid Base tiration

LabQuest 2

Labquest 2

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