Online Research for K-8 Students

In high school, I was asked to do my first research project. I’d never done much research before, besides googling things I wanted to know, so when I was presented with a list of databases to look through for good sources, I had no idea how to start.

This video is a tutorial for using¬†the Minuteman Library Network‘s online databases for research at a elementary and middle school level, so younger students can get a head start with learning how to find reliable information on the internet.

The voice in the video is provided by Cheska Komissar, who volunteered her services because I am not known for my clarity of speech.


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One thought on “Online Research for K-8 Students

  1. This is really helpful Jacob! There’s research beyond google? Who knew!
    Thanks for the reminder on how to find reliable information!
    Ms. McMahon

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