Educational Technology – 3D Printers

downloadA new and emerging popular technology is the 3D Printer. 3D printers uses various processes to make a 3-dimensional object. The objects can be made in various shapes and sizes. 3D printers have been used for industrial use and for consumer use. They’ve been used in several industries like in space, architecture, automotive, defense, and many others. 3D printers have been known to make things from turbines to toy cars to a camera lens. In school, any students taking a graphics class can design something on Photoshop and transfer it to a 3D printer to be created. A robotics class can use a 3D printer to create new parts for a project, and those parts will be fully functional. Students can use their engineering skills to think outside of the box and bring one of their creations out of the screen and into their hands. 3D printing provides a visual aid to help illustrate a hard to grasp concept, and it enhances the hand on learning. A biology teacher can create a 3D model of a heart or of a bone┬áto teach students about the human body. It allows students to get creative and put their interests into their own work.3d-Printing-EDU-Infographic

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