Evernote in the Classroom


Evernote is the notebook for the internet connected generation. Its use for organization is its primary draw, and tightly integrated features allow for use wherever you are.

Evernote works as a virtual binder. Inside, organizational sections can be created under the name of Notebooks. Inside of notebooks, you can create documents, upload pictures, and save web links. Evernote can be accessed through the app, web interface, and desktop application.

A collage of the different Evernote user interfaces

The iPhone app is well polished and is my preferred interface, followed by the website and lastly the desktop application. All applications allow you a similar feature set, and information is synced seamlessly between devices.

Evernote sharing dialogue
Evernote sharing dialogue

There is also a browser plugin for Chrome and likely other modern browsers that allows you to take snippets of the page you are viewing. This works very well for tasks such as research projects, where keeping a snippet of the page being used is very useful for organization as well as bibliographies.

With Evernote’s capability for organization, it could become a very useful asset in the classroom. For research projects and group work, notebooks can be shared and worked on with multiple users. For individual projects, Evernote has its place as a convenient method to store notes.

Evernote Premium pricing
Evernote Premium pricing

A premium Evernote subscription is available, though not required for normal use.  A premium membership unlocks the ability to search documents, create larger files, sync files offline, and lock files. Evernote also advertises the ability to create presentations directly from notes with a premium membership.

Many of these features are a nice luxury, however Evernote still stands as a solid free product without them.

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