The Surface Pro

I have been researching tech that can be great for school, and the best thing that popped to my head was tablets. I looked around via internet for my solution and I found a great one, the Surface Pro.

The Surface Pro is a tablet that has the  functionality of an actual computer and runs on windows 8. This is probably the most ideal tech pal you can use in school. While most schools have computer rooms and like Ashland,  which are starting to have tablets as something to use for classes now and then. Having something from both worlds for each student which can take out all the fuss of reserving times for those rooms and having all your work on one device. So that means students don’t have go through the trouble of emailing themselves essays, or finding the application they used for science class. With a touch screen students can interact with programs such as adobe programs like illustrate or photoshop. They are able to use a stylus to draw and freely use the device in a natural way.

The benefits for AHS can include people who couldn’t go to the library during study so they can do research, but they can have a computer right in front of them. The Surface Pro is really, REALLY thin, so fitting in a backpack, locker, or even a binder wouldn’t be a problem. It has enough battery to last through a day of school and more after. It has a USB 3 port and a mini display port, along with a slot for a micro SD. The Surface Pro has more than memory for educational use and even personal use. All these reasons prove that the Surface Pro 3 is the best there is.



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