The SMARTBoard is a useful tool in a standard classroom. It allows for teachers to project their computer screen onto a screen and they can use that screen as a white board. The teacher can navigate through a web page, for example, by using a pen on the SMARTBoard. The teacher can also write out the lesson on the board, for example a math lesson, and it can be saved onto the computer. The SMARTboard is very useful for the teacher and students in many ways. A teacher can use their computer to teach a lesson – one that faces the students at the front of the class. The pen can act as a mouse and can navigate through web pages, documents, slide shows, ect. This allows teacher to face their students as they lecture and students can follow instructions more easily. Another benefit in using smart boards are the ability to use ¬†them as a white board and save the notes written on the board to your computer. A long math problem, for example, can be used for a later date and can be accessed by students if shared. This way, students can always reference back to the notes if they need any revision of if they were absent from class. The teacher can also manage a more organize schedule and don’t have to rewrite lessons. The SMARTBoard is very useful and efficient, and it is a great addition to any¬†classroom.

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