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Google Drive is one of the most used, or should be, the most used item on google for teachers and students. It is a storage service that allows documents and other files to be saved in. Within Google Drive, there is Google Docs, that is a word processor that can be shared with others. This feature will allow you to share with other people inside the documents itself. Within the sharing there is editing, comments, suggestions, and a view only feature as well.

To share: To share with someone using google drive, go File>Share>[Type their email here] and chose what you would like them to see it as. There is Editing, Comments, and view only.Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.16.44 AMScreen Shot 2014-09-29 at 10.19.55 AM

Using this in a classroom setting could potentially take learning to a whole new level. Teachers could share their lesson plans with other teachers and new ways of teaching to their classes. Sharing documents with students can also be used as well. Sharing with students can allow class notes, assignments, online assignments, project details, ect. Group projects can also be done within this as well. The sharing can allow students to collaborate ideas with each other and build on that. Mainly, the sharing capability can be used on multiple devices and multiple people at the same time. The main things in sharing are editing,comments, and a view only feature.

  • View only: The view only feature only allows the shared person to see the document, but they cannot do anything else with it.
  • Comments: The commenting feature allows the shared person to see the document, and comment about the whole document together, but does not change any of the words within the document itself.
  • Editing: The editing feature allows the shared person to edit the document itself. But, there is a suggestions feature in this as well. The suggestions will allow the shared person to highlight a part of the document, and comment/give more input on what should be there, work on, ect. depending on what the assignment.

Within these 4 things they can create a better way to check on essays and writing assignments, or lab reports, etc. This could essentially help the environment by saving paper too. Sharing can be a useful resource in a classroom setting that can change learning ways and have teachers and students work together.

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