Google Glass in the Classroom

Google glass
Google glass with the frame

Google glass is a fairly new device that functions as a wearable smart phone.  It can be attached to a pair of glasses, or as a standalone device.  While the device is currently a whopping $1,500 dollars, it still has a lot to offer in todays tech savvy society.  It is pretty much a hands-free smart phone, as it has many of the same functions.  While it maintains functions such as sending messages, taking calls, and such, it allows a certain freedom to the user, whereas cell phones can inhibit the user.  When people have their heads buried in their phones, they tend to bump into stuff, like this woman in this video.

While google glass currently is too expensive to be used in the classroom, it could offer many benefits for use in the future.  The devices handless features could enable students to seamlessly search terms, essay topics, and how to’s at the simple command.  Now, it could be argued that having students shout out random commands in class would be a disruption, but the ability to use this device can be set to free time during the period, as to allow the teacher to actually teach their lesson.  For college students, this would be a more applicable way to spend the day, whether its looking up something on the fly to your next class, or using it between classes, or even getting directions to somewhere, all with the use of your hands being occupied by books and coffee.

There are a numerous different things that google glass can currently do, while most of the beneficial pieces for students are being highlighted here.  For a full list of info on google glass, click here.  –>  Being the first of its kind, this device will have many convenient uses that are not thought of, and there will be many more upgrades to the device within the next decade.

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