Google Products: Google Drive

One product that is or can can be great for school is Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud service that provides storage for many things such as documents, photos, and videos. It can be used in many ways and accessed by anyone who you want to share it with. It is completely free and a 15GB storage across g-mail, google+, and drive. It is very efficient  and is very flexible so things can be easily worked around to get what you want done and ready.

There are many ways Google Drive can be used. I mainly use drive to work on essays for my english class because whenever something is typed it is saved instantaneously, which is very helpful when teachers allow their students to work on it during class and I don’t have to waste about 5 minutes to send it to myself through e-mail. Not only It is good for writing essays and other assignments, but you can do presentations and so much more. Presentations/Projects being done one google drive is very efficient. If projects are put for people in groups working on the project on Google Drive can be worked on simultaneously, meaning you and your peers can write or edit at the same time at the comfort of their own homes. I have a friend named Eric who lives in Maryland and he goes to a private school. This year his school decided to go all technology, meaning all work in school, for both teachers and students, will be done through a tablet or a computer. Eric says that the students at the school use Google Drive to get their work done, and that it is recommended during the school year. So far according to him, the work there has become easier for the students and more efficient. With work being done you can share it with other people. Teachers can check the work of the students in one folder that they can all send to, so assignments can be neatly organized.

Those are the common uses of Google Drive, and there still are many more that haven’t been brought up. But if Google Drive was used as a main tool in education, it can enhance the way students work in school.

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