Google Docs – Sharing/Editing

Google Docs is one of the most popular google products. It is widely used everywhere for business, education, and personal use. This products allows for people to write documents and keep them saved through the internet.  A particular feature that is very useful in google docs is document sharing and editing. Documents can be accessed through different devices and can be shared with other people. People can also be allowed to edit the document. This feature is very resourceful in education.

Teachers and students both use google docs exclusively. The sharing feature allows teachers to share important  documents regarding the student’s studies, such as class notes, class syllabus, and assignment details. Teachers can also share between other teachers lesson plans, teaching techniques, ect.  When students have to work on group projects,  they can share a document and perform their part of the research. Another part of the sharing capability is also allowing others to edit their documents – even when multiple people are working. Students may change or improve what other students wrote on the group projects. And because google docs can be access in many different devices any where, students can work on projects together through the internet. On the document, one can see who is also online and they can communicate and work with each other simultaneously. And while the document is constantly being edited, it automatically saves after every edit to ease the group experience.

Ultimately, google docs is a very resourceful product in an educational setting due to its sharing-editing features. You can allow people to view your document and edit to make changes. In addition, the ability to access google docs if very useful when working on a collaborative project. Teachers and communicate class notes and lesson plans to their students and other teachers. Google docs a a very good application and it changes the way we work together.

~Toyin Yusuf

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