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Online Testing

At this current day in age the internet is used for almost everything. So, how else can the internet be used concerning schooling?

Most colleges participate in a curriculum that has students taking quizzes or tests online. I for one have experienced this; I have taken a dual- enrollment class with Framingham State University.


Part of the class syllabus required a student to take online quizzes and to complete online homework assignments on a weekly basis. This technique definitely has a lot of pros but also a lot of cons. Some of the pros are the following; Less time in class, more time to study, and most importantly the ability to complete quizzes or homework with more time than just the time given inside one class period. I for one, had an entire week to complete a simple 20 question homework assignment and a 40 questions quiz.

The cons of online testing are the following; no professor supervision, students take part in the ‘honor system’, and if for some reason a student could not connect to the internet they are out of luck. Some students will take advantage of this cons and use them to their benefit. For example, with no supervision and a class that is based on the ‘honor system’ no one is there to tell the student not to cheat. Furthermore, students also have a new excuse to procrastinate. An online due date provides students with a wide variety of excuses i.e, “I could not pass in the work because I had no internet connection” or “I was unaware of the due date because it was never said in class” and so on and so on.

So in the end, my opinion on online testing remains neutral. For every good thing that comes from it there is a possible bad thing. Although, the way online testing works now is a great gateway to future online curriculums. But for now I believe there are way too many loop holes for students to get around things. If online courses were only for passing in homework I would see no problem with it. Tests and quizzes are to significant to be taken online.


(Blackboard is the online database that FSU uses.)

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Photo Editing Apps

3 photo editing apps for the iPhone.

Aviary and Photo Editor-Axiem Systems:

Although these are two different apps, I’ve put them together because they are pretty much exactly alike. Both apps have all of the following features. Each edit can only be applied one at a time. For example, with the Enhance options, you can’t apply HiDef and Illuminate to a photo at the same time.

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W3 Schools

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 9.35.17 AMW3Schools is a very useful resource for teaching yourself web development languages. It serves as a learning resource as well as a coding reference. Through it, you can learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, or PHP. With each language, you can open up a scripting reference to use when writing your code, or you can take a look at their tutorials. The tutorials are relatively basic, but  the reference is where the website is most useful.


Along with some code example for the references, there is a “Try it Yourself” editor for both the tutorials and the references. For example, in the DIV reference for HTML, the website supplies a code example as well as a “Try it Yourself” area for experimentation. This is very useful because it allows the user to experiment with the code and learn how it works through experimentation.


Overall, W3Schools is a very useful tool for teaching yourself web development, as well as a good script reference for those who need a refresher.

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Online Testing

The Pros and Cons of Online Testing

                 From a student perspective


Whether you are a fan of online testing or not, you can not deny that it is becoming a big part of schools. Many schools are beginning to use online tools for teaching in and out of the classroom. It may be online testing or classes that are done completely online but either way it shows how important technology is becoming in the schooling system.

The Pros

Online Testing is gaining much popularity among schools across the world and for good reason. When students are given tests online it completely changes the way that students look at the test. If the test is multiple choice, it is much quicker and enjoyable to take the test on a computer. Marking answers, although very simple on standard testing, is must easier on a computer. If an answer is chosen but needs to be changed it is much easier to simply click another answer than erasing and remarking. Then for short answer, they too can just be typed into an answer box on the computer. This also saves a lot of money on paper too.

Grading is also much easier and quicker than standard grading. Multiple choice can be processed immediately after a student completes the test so that they may get their results back as soon as possible. Short answer question will need to be graded individually by the teacher, but the fact that the multiple choice is automatically graded makes it much easier. Students like knowing their grades and getting them back as soon as possible and online testing make it that much better. Overall, online testing is a more enjoyable process than standard testing is.

The Cons

Online testing also has some fatal flaws that can be an issue. One of the drawbacks is the need for space and equipment. in order to be able to do online testing, there needs to be a place for computers to be set up for students to use. Then on top of that there needs to be enough computers for every student to use at once. If there is a class of 25 then there needs to be at least 25 computers which is much more expensive than 25 pieces of paper. Then if one of the computers breaks it will need to be replaced or repaired which will  cost more money. Even though complete computer failures are unlikely it is still an issue that needs to be considered.

There are also technical issues that can arise with the computers that can cause major issues. Although it is very unlikely, there is the possibility that a computer can fail to save a test or the results from a students test, in which case they would have to retake it. This would lead to major issues of when the student can retake the test and how they will do it. Also if a computer or the program being used for the online testing crashes during a test then the student would have to restart the test and possibly not have enough time complete it. Although these are very very unlikely possibilities, they are still possible and need to be considered.


Overall online testing is a much easier process that can be extremely helpful. It is a much more enjoyable process for students and the grading is much more enjoyable for teachers. Online testing, despite its flaws, is definitely a helpful tool in the classroom and should be considered for more frequent use in schools.

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