Duolingo: Learn a New Language

Over the years we have been taught foreign languages  not only  hands-on with a teacher, but by using programs like Rosetta Stone in order to increase fluidity in a language, for example speaking it yourself into the computer. Now with the power of smartphones, there are apps that can help further our vocabulary.

Learning a new language isn’t exactly a simple task. When new words and phrases do not come automatically as you would like to hope , Duolingo can help.  Duolingo is an app that is made for making learning a new language fun, easy, and even addicting. Duolingo is free as well, unlike other software.


Duolingo uses a system where the UI is bright and interactive, making it a pleasure for people to learn.

A point system is also used, where the app recognizes your progress and rewards the user with experience points that leads you to your next level. In other words, it keeps you at your own pace where you can increase your skills as you go.

I believe that Duolingo with the help of the new iPads could be a great utility for teachers in the language department as possibly an alternative to the computer lab. Also, it would be easy to track each student’s progress and this is an app that is easily enjoyable as well so the odds of a student being bored with it is very little if they want to learn a foreign language.


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