Google Drive for the iPhone

Using Google Drive on the iPhone:

Go to the App Store. Search for “google drive” and download. This application is free. However, keep in mind that if you don’t have a Google account already, you will not be able to use the drive.

After downloading, click on the app to open it. You’ll see something like this when you do.


My Google account is already connected because I had previously connected my Google account to my phone. If you haven’t connected yours yet, just click “Add account”. It’ll ask you to log in, and once you do, your Google Drive will become available. Select your account from the Select menu and it’ll take you to this:



Or rather, something like this, considering you won’t have the same files and folders as me. Compare that to the online version of Google Drive.

main menu gdrive online

It’s all the same stuff, just organized differently. With mobile Drive, you can change the way the files and folders are organized in their separate categories, but you can’t get rid of the categories. (By the way, click “Sort” next to the search bar to change the organization.)

Let’s go over some basic but essential stuff to know. Looking at “My Drive”, the little plus in the upper right corner will drop down a menu that will let you create a new document, spreadsheet, or folder right on your phone. You can’t create a drawing, presentation, or form though. This menu also has the option of adding media from your phone directly to your Google Drive.IMG_0246

The four boxes to the plus’s left toggle the view. With one view, you get a thumbnail of the document; with the other, it’s just the title.

Now, see the i in the gray circle next to the title of the folder or the file? When you click that, you’ll get some options. Below are the options for folders (I’ll show the options for files in just a sec).


All pretty self-explanatory. Get link gives you a link to the folder copied to your clipboard which you can paste into an email, text, or web address bar.


File options are pretty much the same, with the added options of printing or choosing which program to open the file with.

Tap the three lines to the left of “My Drive” and you’ll see this.



I’ll run through these real quick. “Uploads” lets you see what’s being uploaded from your phone at the moment, “Offline” lets you set which files you’d like to keep if you’re without service. “My Drive”, “Shared with me”, “Starred”, and “Recent” are all the categories you’d see on the online Google Drive for sorting files and folders. Tap the gray cog to see settings.

IMG_0247 IMG_0248



These aren’t settings, exactly, so much as the dumping ground for everything that didn’t already have a place in the app. “Storage” lets you see how much room the offline files are taking up on your phone, so you can adjust as needed.

In terms of classroom use, Google Drive for iPhone (and iPad, which is the same, only on a larger screen) is extremely helpful.


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