Have you ever wanted an easy way to share files between students and teachers? Well now there is an easy way;

      People that are familiar with ‘Dropbox’ know that it can be used to access photos or files anywhere with an internet connection. The way this works is that you create an account and upload to it, you can then logon to your account from any location with access to the internet. For example, I use dropbox to be able to quickly access photos that are on my phone, from my laptop. I do this by uploading a picture on my phone to my dropbox account (via my phone),  I am then able to go on to my laptop and access dropbox and view the picture that was on my phone!



How could this be useful in an educational environment?

     In many ways actually. Teachers can use dropbox to receive assignments from students! Dropbox offers a ‘share’ feature which allows users to share files between one another. Dropbox is not limited to just photos. Users can upload anything. Photos, music, videos, powerpoints, word doccuments, excell spreadsheets, adt files, javascript files.. you name it! This allows teachers to be able to receive projects from students no matter what!

    Sharing is really simple. All you need to do is click on the icon that says ‘Sharing’ and create a new folder to share or use an existing folder that you wish to share. You will then be required to select the members of who you want to be able to view the content! You do this by entering in the members e-mail address associatied with their dropbox account.


 It gets better! 

    On top of sharing files you can also share folders! This gives people that can view the shared folder the ability to add on to the folder at anytime and with any file! This gives teachers the ability to create a class folder and when students are assigned projects the students can access the folder and share their part of the project! This makes it easy for teachers to grade school work and it also gives teachers the ability to organize their classes online. This tool can be used for many things and teachers and students could definitely benefit from it!

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