Doceri Interactive Whiteboard – The way to go

The  awesomeness of awesome

Do you know how when teachers are absent, sometimes student don’t ger their work done just because the teacher isn’t there? Ever wanted an app that has all three optios of combining screencastimg, desktop control, and an interactive whiteboard? ¬†Well now that problem is solved with the Ipad app by the name of “Doceri Interactive Whiteboard”.

It has many important features, and options that a teacher would need like:

  • The ability to control your lesson or presentation live with Airplay, or through your Mac or PC.
  • Unlike other drawings and screencast apps, Doceri uses timline-based editing, so original lessons are always saved.
  • Gives your the ability to control your computer through it with full access.
  • Using the above ability, you can use it to show presentations just from your Ipad, as long as you are connected wirelessly.
  • Lets you share any images, PDFs, and videos in many easy ways.
  • Lets teachers take videos of kids for projects or of themselves if they want tod
    teach something while being absent.

With all of those helpful options, this app should be teachers’ most wanted resource out there.


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