Schoology app for iPad

Schoology is a popular tool that is gaining much popularity in school systems. Now that there is an app for Schoology available on the iPad and other mobile devices, there are even more advantages to using Schoology in the classroom.

Now that our schools are getting access to new equipment for the classroom like iPads, this is a great time to start getting teachers and students on Schoology. Just like the desktop version, the app has all of the same features except it is in mobile form. If you are unfamiliar with Schoology in general, check out this video.

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As a Teacher

Basically, Schoology allows you to manage your classes in one, simple, organized place. You can give students assignments to complete and discuss online away from school. This allows you to further extend your class outside of the school environment. Home work is always available to the students if it is on Schoology so that you do not have to keep making copies for students who misplaced their homework or students that were absent from class. Teachers can also manage their grades and all other assignments they have given out during the year. With Schoology, you also have the ability to give quizzes to the students to take online at school or at home. Now, with accesses to iPads in class, students can take quizzes and/or tests in-class on the Schoology app. To see more on online testing check out this blog. In Schoology’s case, many of the cons can be ignored from the blog because of its reliability and simplicity.


As a Student

Schoology is a mobile app, so anyone that has either a smart phone, tablet or any other mobile device can assess the app from anywhere. This makes it easier to check to see if you had homework and to see what the actual homework was. Schoology also has a calendar in it that (if your teacher creates one) can be used to check due dates for assignments and projects. It makes it so much easier when everything for a class is in one spot. It also makes doing school work more enjoyable. Students can work together on projects and other assignments in class and away from class with the Schoology app.

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Schoology and the the Schoology app can help students and teachers in so many ways in and out of school. Now that schools are getting accesses to new technology like new computers and iPads, the Schoology app is a great tool to help get schools started in the new age of education.

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