Adobe Creative Cloud – Endless Possibilities

For those of you wondering why your old Adobe Creative Suite is no longer supported, it’s because Adobe has switched to a MONTHLY service. Yes, now you have to pay up each month. As depressing as it sounds, by only having a monthly service, Adobe is able to add new features whenever and can avoid any future legal implications. When a boxed version came out, Adobe couldn’t legally add a new feature because of a Pre – Existing contract made when the first boxed versions were released. Typically, a boxed suite would cost ~$6,000. Upgrades would cost ~$600. I’m in no way advertising for Adobe but the Creative Cloud is AWESOME. I am able to get every single Adobe application and get free updates and new features for a flat fee of $20 a month. I’m also a student. Most adults will pay around $40 – $50 a month. Still free updates and new features!

Currently, Adobe isn’t offering many solutions for schools/large institutions. If a room has 25 computers, that’s 25*$20 a month. Most schools can’t afford this. The only way they could is if the student purchased the cloud service for themselves and then logged in on the school computer.

The Creative Cloud isn’t actually in the cloud. You don’t edit video in you internet browser. Basically Adobe just changed the name of the suite and bills you monthly. The applications are still stored on the computer. EVERYTHING IS STORED ON THE COMPUTER. Other than how cool, “the cloud” sounds, it can be quite confusing to potential customers. Because of this payment plan, it makes it much harder to pirate Adobe’s software. Not only does this increase profits for Adobe, it increases the quality of the software.

-Adam Halperin

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