Photo Editing Apps

3 photo editing apps for the iPhone.

Aviary and Photo Editor-Axiem Systems:

Although these are two different apps, I’ve put them together because they are pretty much exactly alike. Both apps have all of the following features. Each edit can only be applied one at a time. For example, with the Enhance options, you can’t apply HiDef and Illuminate to a photo at the same time.

Enhance: HiDef, Illuminate, and Color Fix

Filters (with more that can be downloaded/bought)

Frames (with more that can be downloaded/bought)

Stickers (with more that can be downloaded/bought)

Focus: circle and square options that can be enlarged/shrunk



Adjust: Brightness, Contrast, Warmth, and Saturation


Splash (selectively add color to a black and white version of your photo)

Draw (different colors and brush thicknesses)



Blemish (more like a blur if used on big speckled surfaces)


In both apps, the effects are listed in almost the exact same order. Both autosave the new picture to your photo collection (and they don’t overwrite the old picture) and both don’t have an undo, meaning that if you apply an effect and then think better of it, you’ll have to scrap all your work and start over. With Axiem, the autosave can be toggled, but it will begin automatically on. Aviary doesn’t allow toggling of the autosave, but you can change the order of the features. So if you use Splash all the time, you can move it up to the top of the list. I would recommend Aviary over Axiem because Aviary offers more free sticker/filter/frame packs before making you pay for others, while Axiem gives you only one pack for each and then you gotta pay. Additionally, changing up the order is a more helpful feature than being able to turn off the autosave.

These photos are meant to show how basically the same effect can be achieved with the same photo with both Aviery and Axiem. It also illustrates the fact that Aviery has more free downloadable sticker packs (in this case the weather one).

Done with Axiem

Before:                                                                                                     After:

photo 1              axiem after pic

Done with Aviery

Before:                                                                                                     After:

photo 1               Photo Lab:

Fun to play around with, but its use is limited. Lab takes pictures and applies them to a variety of different backgrounds. Depending on which picture you use, the result can look nice or just downright awkward (see below). The images can’t be edited after the background has been applied, although I suppose you could apply multiple backgrounds to the same picture. However, I feel like that would get very messy very fast. The images take a while to load after applying the effect, and they won’t autosave, but you’ll have a bunch of options as to what to do with the photo, one of which includes saving to your gallery.

Before:                                                                           After:

photo 2              10e50445_o

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