GOFUNDME : modern fundraising


GoFundMe is a crowd funding and donation site where people can fund raise for all types of reasons.


GoFundMe’s website is simple to use. First the user creates an account where his/her address and personal information is asked but no credit card or papal account is needed to set up an account. Next the user states the reason for his or her fundraiser and the site allows pictures and descriptions to be posted. Once created the site asks to connect Facebook friends or to other social networking sites.

The fundraiser’s success is directly proportionate to the amount of people who know of the fundraiser. For example a fundraiser for a smart board which requires 1000 dollars to be made  will be much more effective if advertised on sites similar to Twitter where many people would have access to the donation page.

The site’s revenue comes from the donations the user receive as 5% goes to the site.


GoFundMe can be used for many fundraising purposes from funding class trips to funding new equipment.

For example  College of St. John Fisher and Thomas More’s annual tuition fee is 5000 dollars a year and to keep the price low the must receive funding . Through GoFundMe the college has raised 295,663 in seven days and is receiving more each day.

Overall GoFundMe can help facilitate fundraising and allow new equipment to be bought for the classroom.



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