Wolfram Alpha for Education

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Wolfram Alpha is a website that allows easy access to a large amount of information. It has facts, data, and can be used to solve mathematical equations. For example, I can ask Wolfram Alpha for the “population of the united states”. After this is interpreted, I receive a page full of data and statistics. This page may seem familiar if you have ever asked Siri on the iPhone for statistics, this is where Apple pulls that information from.

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You can also ask it computational questions, such as “vertex of y=2x^2+3x+7″. This gives me a lot of information about this parabola, graphing it on a cartesian plane as well as giving us what we asked for, the vertex.

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Wolfram Alpha also has a pro subscription option that allows you to analyze different formats of data, and receive more information from your queries, however I do not have any experience with this. The free subscription has served me well for use with math. The free version does allow you a certain amount of uses of the “Step-by-step solution” button with a free account. This is very useful for figuring out how to solve problems and helping yourself learn.



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