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When I was a child, I used to imagine that my watch could double as a phone and computer. I would dream of the day when the watch I was wearing would have a keyboard, music and access to the internet. My childhood dreams have come true; I have recently heard about an exciting piece of technology by Qualcomm: the Toq Smartwatch.

Released to the public in December, this watch has extraordinary capabilities. With no power switch, the watch is always awake. Its availability and convenience far exceed that of a smartphone. The watch uses a Mirasol display, a screen designed to use up little energy, lasting for multiple days on just one charge. What separates this watch from the other Smart Watches on the market is its battery life, using significantly less power with amazing results.

To further place an emphasis on convenience, the watch comes with high-quality wireless headphones. With no headphones needed and music selection on your wrist, media playing is smooth and easy. The Toq smart watch stresses a lack of wires in more than just music playback: charging the watch is completely wireless.

headphonesAlthough it’s easy to assume that having a mini-computer on one’s wrist will look awkward, the Toq Smartwatch incorporates the battery into it’s strap, significantly reducing its bulk. It seems to have mastered the appearance aspect of a smartwatch better than others on the market. The Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch by Samsung shown below, is bulkier and significantly less aesthetically pleasing with its protruding rectangular screen.

galaxy gear

Although watches with these powers have yet to become popular and although the Toq smart watch may not catch enough attention to start a wave of interest, I hope that the idea eventually takes off. The smart watch is more than just a consumer product: it’s the first device to master accessibility, ease of access, a sleek interface, and the sheer beauty of technological innovation.


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2 thoughts on “Qualcomm Smartwatch

  1. Genna, I’d recommend you take down the first image as that is of the Nexus watch, not the toq Qualcom and maybe swap it. If your first image is of a different company’s product than what you are reviewing, you might want to fix that.

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