iOS 7 – “The next gen” for Apple products.

As of September 18th, 2013, Apple Inc. has released their next version of iOS software for all of their mobile Apple devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad). The immensely popular brand has warranted a high demand for innovative, new and refreshing experiences every time their products are used which is multiple times every day. After analyzing Apple’s dilemma and reviewing their work in the recent iOS 7 update, let us see if this software will make or brake the populous’ demand for the esteemed iPhone.

New Look

The first experience one has upon updating is the new look. For every previous iOS version, the look has not changed and has bored myself and, I am confident to say, most consumers. This has been an obvious necessity and has revitalized the way people see their phones. A cool addition to the new look is also an optical effect regarding a three dimensional atmosphere between the background homepage and the app icons. But looks do not last long. After long, people will renew their boredom and search for something that will ease the dull, repetitious cycle of using the same features of their device daily.

iOS 7 New Look


Easily get current news by asking Siri anything from the local weather to sports games scores to movie show times and restaurant reviews.
Easily get current news by asking Siri anything from the local weather to sports games scores to movie show times and restaurant reviews.

Siri, a driving force behind Apple products, has has a much needed improvement in the new update. From previous versions, Siri has had many problems but one of the largest ¬†was the voice recognition. We all can relate to how annoying it is to have a feature not work and listen to Siri’s response: “I’m not sure what you said,” or “Could you please repeat that?” In iOS 7, the voice recognition has greatly improved and is much more lenient with certain words. It even has a cool new feature that allows the user to run through a few short and easy steps that customize the user’s pronunciation of uncommon names in the contacts folder. She, or should I say He, can now be customized with a male voice system for all those savvy users who fancy such. Further improvements regard the available responses given by Siri; now it can respond with a more resourceful database such as images, videos and links derived directly from the internet.

Cool New Features

iOS 7 New FeaturesAnother few cool improvements added in the new update include the bubble level on the compass app, the command center and the omnifolder. The bubble level simply acts as an equalizer to balance certain objects and make them level. Command center acts as a shortcut to all commonly used settings. With a simple swipe vertically upward from the bottom of the device, the user can access features like Wi-Fi, bluetooth, brightness volume, flashlight calculator and the camera as well as many other settings without having to enter the settings application. The omnifolder updated the amount of apps that can be allocated to a single folder. While limited to ten apps in previous versions, iOS 7 allows the user to import an infinite number of apps into any single folder.


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