Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer

What is your preference? Google Chrome? Or Internet Explorer? Read along and then decide which is your favorite!

Google Chrome was released into the browser world on September 2nd, 2008. It is used on both mobile web browser platforms and standard, web browsers. On the other hand, the Internet Explorer project was first started in the year of 1994 and made its first debut on the web in mid August of 1995. Internet Explorer(IE) is constantly being updated with bug fixes along with constant releases of newer versions. Google Chrome(GC) is also updated regularly although it only has one downloadable version.
Google Chrome offers a more friendly user interface with ease of access buttons. A very useful button is the bookmarking button. This button is located to the right 0f where you enter in a URL for a website. The button makes it easy to bookmark websites. You click it once and then you have the ability to rename it and create a shortcut for it. You then, simply press “Done” and it is stored with the rest of your bookmarks. To access these bookmarks you can either press the settings button which is to the right of the book marking button. You then can select “bookmarks”. Although GC offers easy bookmarking, it lacks the ability to organize the bookmarked webpages. In Internet Explorer you can arrange your bookmarks in any way that you want and you can also create folders for bookmarks. The downside to IE is that bookmarking tends to be a more complicated process than that of GC.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 1.28.04 PM  Also, another plus side to Google Chrome is that Chrome offers an “Incognito Window” option. This enables the user to browse the web without any cookies or browser history being logged. In other words, everything the user does will be invisible to the next user unless of course the user does not close out of the window. Internet Explorer does not offer a function like this.

Furthermore, Google Chrome offers the user the choice to create a google account. This account allows the user to sync all of their bookmarks and browsing history to any Google Chrome they sign in to, even if it is on a different device. This extends to mobile devices to desktops. The account syncs data ranging from google searches to even browsing history on youtube as well as recent youtube videos. Internet Explorer does not offer this function.




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