The Basics of Google Drive Explained

There has been confusion regarding the difference between Google Drive and Google Docs. There is NO difference… They are exactly the same. Google Drive was previously called Google Docs.

Now I’ll explain some basics.


First, to access the Google Docs, when you’re on the Google Homepage, click, “Drive” on the upper navigation bar.



Let’s say you want to create something. Click “Create”.



There are many different options in the drop-down menu.

Clicking the “Folder” button will create folders that can be used to store documents, helping with organization.

Clicking the “Document” button allows you to basically create a word document in Drive.

Clicking the “Presentation” button allows you to basically create a power point in Drive.

Clicking the “Spreadsheet” button allows you to basically create an Excel Spreadsheet in Drive.

Clicking the “Form” button allows you to create a form that people can fill out. The data obtained is automatically sent to a special spreadsheet.

Clicking the “Drawing” allows you to create drawings that include text, shapes, arrows, scribbles, etc.





Another feature of Google Drive is the red upload button, shown below with an arrow above a horizontal line. Clicking this allows you to upload documents from your computer to Google Drive.




The most important part of Google Drive is its sharing capabilities. If I were to create a document, as shown below, I can click on the blue “Share” button.





If you haven’t named your document yet, a pop-up will appear asking you to name it.

Then, a another pop-up will appear that looks like the one below.

You can use the highlighted link to share to share with others after you have changed the access. To change who has access to the document you have created click “Change” next to the row that has the lock symbol.


The page that pops up will give you a number of sharing options, each with an explanation. The difference between with a link and without a link is that, if made so it is only viewable with a link, people do not have the ability to search for it. After you have chosen your sharing setting, press “Save”.



The Invite People feature can directly e-mail your link to people of your choosing while placing the document in their drive. Click on the text field to begin.



I typed in Mr. McGowan to share my document with him. If I didn’t want him to be able to edit it, I would select the “Can edit” option in blue beside the text field and select either “Can Comment” or “Can View”, depending on my preference. If I wanted the document to be included in the actual e-mail I could select “Paste the item itself into the email” and if you want people to receive an e-mail notifying them that they have been allowed to view and/or edit the document, make sure that “Notify people via email” is selected. ┬áThen click share and save. Any changes you make will be shared with the people you shared it with.


To view documents that have been shared with you, go back to the home page and click Shared with me.





There you have it! An overview of the basics of Google Drive!

More coming later!


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