How to Create a Google Site Using a Template

Google Sites are relatively easy to use and an amazing tool for the educational world. Here, I will help you get one! Please click here to begin!


First, click “Sites” on the navigation at the top of the page.



Next, a screen like the one below will show up. Selecting a template is ideal for our purposes, so ignore the lower “Select a Theme” and click “Browse the gallery for more”.



For this example I will use the template: “Classroom site”, but you can use virtually any of the templates. Stick with the most popular ones, as they tend to have the most flexibility and accessibility.





Once you have chosen a site, click “Select”. 




Next, you will be asked to “Name your site”. This name is what will show up on the tab of your page and in your navigation. For example: Mr. McGowan has named his site “Computer Arts & More”. Looking at his website (, we can see that the name shows up in the tab and as the header.  Don’t worry, you can change it later.


After typing in a name for your site, Google automatically places this name in the “Site location”. This link is the one you’ll give to students/ administrators to let them view your blog. You can leave it the same as your name or change it to something else. Pick something appropriate. For example: Mr. McGowan picked his site location to be: mcgowan. His website URL is thus as follows:


Don’t worry about the “Select a Theme” and “More Options”.


Congrats! We are ready to begin! Click “CREATE”!



Now the page below should show up.



You have a website!!!

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