Tumblr vs. WordPress

Bet you can’t guess who won.

WordPress is immediately impressive. It has a clean, organized look to it, and the posts resemble articles one might find in a professional news site. Its other features are also a plus. Multi tag searching is available, which makes it possible to easily find what you’re looking for. Additionally, there is a great deal of customization possible for those who want to decorate their blog to exact specifications. WordPress’ post creator offers an easy-to-use rich text editor and a bevy of possible tags. The fact that WordPress is mostly text posts is very convenient, because our posts will also be mainly text. Written posts are more common there than on Tumblr. They use pictures to give a bit of visual interest to the posts, but overall it is a collection of written articles.

By comparison, Tumblr is much more casual. It’s easier to jump into right away because the dashboard is the main screen, so the post creator is right there. The ease of posting on Tumblr is a plus, but it’s not like it’s prohibitively hard to post on WordPress. Tumblr separates it’s posts by type, meaning there are video posts, text posts, and picture posts. It is possible to put pictures in a text post on Tumblr, but it’s not possible to put a video. Whereas with WordPress, there is the option to put a picture, video, tweet, or even poll into a post. Tumblr has less options for customization, and while that does make it easier to navigate, it also limits its usefulness. For example, the search bar can only search one tag at a time, which can leave one scrolling through pages of unhelpful posts. Tumblr posts are also more picture oriented than WordPress. People on Tumblr are less likely to read a written post, and will instead scroll by in favor of the nice gifset on the next post. It’s geared toward more casual bloggers, while WordPress seems to attract more serious bloggers. The difference in the tone between the two sites makes WordPress more attractive for our class needs because it fits better with our goal of research and learning about technology.

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