Week of troubleshooting

This past week Stephanie, Anthony and I have been very active in Schooldude, working with tickets this past week. We completed a number of different tickets this week including three computers that were having issues in the language lab. The problems included two computers that were having issues starting up and a third that had an issue with the audio and microphone. In terms of fixing the two computers with start up problems they just needed to be rebooted.

However the computer with no audio or microphone needed more attention. I noticed the light for the headphone jack was off so i thought that it was not getting any power. I checked the power cable and made sure it was connected all the way through. The wire was lose going into the computer however, still no light appeared. So I got another pair of working headphones and tested them and there was still no audio or voice. I began checking to see that everything was set up correctly and noticed that there was no reading of the headphones on the computer.


After looking at the other computers in the lab I noticed that all the headphones were plugged into the audio jack and not the microphone jack. The computer with the issue had the headphones plugged into the microphone jack instead. So I switched the plug and low and behold everything was operational (other than the light for the jack). So in the end I concluded that the issue was a combination of the power being loose and being plugged into the wrong outlet. As far as the light goes I believe it is just burnt out.

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