Troubleshooting Shockwave Player

I encountered a problem the other day while trying to access shockwave player to view an application on Google Chrome. The site would not let me access the information I needed and the error message it provided me with suggested I download Adobe Reader X and provided a link to do so. After downloading the program and accessing the information I required from the website anew, I encountered the same error message.
At this point, I figured it was a miscommunication between the adobe shockwave player and the Chrome application. After doing some research, I figured out that Chrome comes fitted with preinstalled applications, such as its own shockwave player. Therefore, chrome chooses to use its own shockwave player yet does not disable adobe’s shockwave player. I needed to go to chrome’s plug-ins and disable its preinstalled shockwave flash player.
After doing this I restarted google chrome and sure enough the problem was solved and I could access my personal information. I learned that every and any problem is possible to fix, even something complex like going into chrome’s settings and messing around with its pre configurations. Overall, it is important to understand that no matter how useful an application or program, it will most likely encounter some kind of error along the way. It can be very useful to understand a program to its fullest degree.

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